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Our company offers maintenance and modernization of centrifuges from different manufacturers.

Based on machine operator requirements we are able to carry out actions ranging from periodic maintenance up to machine modernization including changes in process and other parameters.

These activities are carried out both on the mechanical and on the electrical part of the machine and include completion of the customer machine documentation by necessary regulations, instructions, certificates, licences, etc.

The existence of our own design department holding several licences for 3D software on the basis of SolidWorks and an experienced team make it possible to utilize design capacities not only for our own development programmes but also for design contracts of foreign entities, or for the preparation of absolutely unique products.

In such cases, our offer includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Tailor-made production and reengineering of various types of spare parts
  • Production (stainless-steel parts, weldments, …) as per the documentation provided by the customer or prepared by our designers
  • Technical supervision in the course of production
  • Qualitative acceptance of parts
  • Assembling, activation, testing
  • Considerable emphasis placed on handling applications with the use of high alloy steels with extreme chemical, thermal or mechanical resistance, known, for example, as HASTELLOY, Alloy, Duplex, Monel, Inconel, etc.
  • Special surface finish, e.g. Halar, high resistant coats Ceram-kote, etc.
  • Engineering, model design (SolidWorks), production drawings (AutoCad)
  • Installation of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical elements
  • Definition of software algorithms

The scope and the nature of special projects may be illustrated on some examples:

Special grating for high temperatures…

  • Steady-state operating temperature on grating – 1100°C
  • Maximum operating temperature on grating – 1200°C
  • Maximum operating pressure loss of gas on catalyst including related weight of the catalyst and its carrier per area – 3.5 kPa

                   mobile granulator for ATEX                                                            mobile granulator for ATEX

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