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Centrifuge – Dryer type CDR is made according to GMP conditions as multi-purpose machine for centrifuging (product separation from slurry) and vacuum drying of product in one working space. Agitators (discharger, cake detector, lid opening, armatures etc.) are with electro pneumatic execution. CDR is gas tight, pressure centrifuge for full ATEX (for example Ex II 2G IIC T4) with inertiztaion of inner space.
The advantage is space and cost savings, as several technological operations are combined into one machine (centrifuging, washing, homogenization, vacuum contact drying and product emptying). Avoided is also any crosscontamination of product.


  • Stainless steel 1.4404 (1.4435) / 1.4571
  • special alloy 2.4602 (Hastelloy C-22)

Surface finishing:

  • Grinded Ra <0,8 μm
  • Polished Ra <0,2 μm

Working cycle of CDR is:

  • Filling of centrifuge with slurry
  • Centrifuging
  • Washing of product at basket, second centrifuging
  • Peeling of product to basket bottom
  • Raking/milling and contact drying under vacuum
  • Cooling of product
  • Pneumatic discharging/transport of dry product to product tank

Cleaning of CDR can be done:

  • CIP cascade
  • complete flooding of CDR


  • variable control panel
  • thermostat (heating and cooling unit)
  • inertization and blanketing system
  • vacuum product tank VPT
  • technological armatures, hoses, compenzators etc.

This CDR 500/250 we also purchase as mobile testing equipment to ensure that we are your right partner with special device centrifuge dryer for your product.

CDR type
CDR 500/250
CDR 800/400
CDR 1000/500
Diameter of basketmm5008001000
Height of basketmm250400500
Opening diameter of basketmm350560700
Filter surfacem20,391,011,57
Heated surfacem20,20,50,79
Useful volumel25103200
Max. loadkg30123240
Max. revolutionrpm19001200950
Centrifugal accelerationx g1009644504
Min. revolution for dryingrpm1286
Max. revolution for dryingrpm1006452
Min. internal temperature°C-15-15-15
Max. internal temperature°C100100100
Min. internal pressureMPa-0,1-0,1-0,1
Max. internal pressureMPa0,050,050,05
External dimensions H x W x Lmm2000 x 1000 x 13002750 x 1600 x 21003000 x 2000 x2600
Weight without loadkg90032005500

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