CENTRIFUGES pharma and chemical

Industrial Centrifuges Development and Implementation

The actual development concept and therefore a number of original design solutions resulted in three basic product lines and several dozen implementations of centrifuges that have been delivered and installed in Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as in many European countries such as Hungary, Ireland, Switzerland, Poland, in Israel.

Depending on the design and the field of application, our products can be divided into three main groups:

● Vertical peeler centrifuges for pharmaceutical industry
● Dryer – peeler centrifuge for pharmaceutical industry
● Vertical and horizontal centrifuges for chemical industry

Each new construction is developed in a 3D design editor (SolidWorks) and subsequently optimized by FEM analysis, both in static and dynamic tasks.

Continuous pusher centrifuges centrifuges for the chemical industry. These are continuous centrifuges designed for continuous operation in heavy industry such mining, cellulose production, different salt production.

A diverse range of centrifuges for pharmaceutical and chemical industries

Vertical peeler centrifuge top discharged SCVT for pharmaceutical industry. For these centrifuges, we offer other accessories, specifically the VPT – Vacuum Product Tank in various designs.

Vertical peeler centrifuges bottom discharged – SCVB for pharmaceutical industry. Of course, it is a fully customized solution, ie material adaptation, design, hardware and software adjusted to the specific requirements of the client. Other accessories such as trays and barrels for discharged products.

Vertical gypsum peeler centrifuges SCVB can be installed in the gypsum production lines originating from flue gas desulphurization (ENERGOGYPSUM) as well as lines for neutralization of sulfuric acid (CHEMOGYPSUM).

SULTRADE Centrifuge Dryer (CDR) is the latest development product and is a very unique device that combines two operations (centrifuging and contact drying under reduced pressure) in one workspace. The advantage is space and cost savings, as several technological operations are combined into one machine (centrifuging, washing, homogenization, vacuum contact drying and product emptying).  You also avoid any cross contamination of product.

Horizontal Chemical Centrifuges – SCH type is the latest development product. These centrifuges are mainly used in chemistry.

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