Top Discharged Centrifuges: Versatile Designs and Enhanced Operational Safety

Centrifuges types SCVT  (top discharged peeler centrifuges) are made according to GMP conditions and with very variable design of centrifuge and its accessories. Centrifuges are gas tight with possibilty of ATEX (for example Ex II 2G IIC T4) with inertization.

Vertical Peeler Top Discharged Centrifuge - designed for pharmaceutical applications

Material of centrifuges:

  • stainless steel 1.4404 (1.4435) / 1.4571
  • special alloy 2.4602 (Hastelloy C-22)
  • hallar coating (E-CTFE)

Surface quality can be:

  • grinded Ra <0,8 μm
  • polished Ra <0,2 μm

Top discharged centrifuges can be in design with:

  • manual dicharging
  • removable basket with sack
  • pneumaticaly operated discharger with pneumatic transport of product to VPT
  • Cleaning of centrifuge can be as:
  • CIP cascade celaning
  • flooding of centrifuge

Variable design of centrifuge and its accessories can be:

  • main electric motor up or down position
  • cover for external ventilation for clean room
  • completely or partly openable lid
  • equipment for nitrogen blowing
  • RHR – residual heel removal system
  • equipment for liquid (sifon, hydrocyclon, pumps, flowmeters, armatures, hoses, compensatores…)
  • equipment for product (pneumatic transport, barrels, armatures)
  • stand for centrifuge with dumpers

Vaccum product tanks VPT are supplied togoether with SCVT centrifuges as an add-on for collecting of tansported products (discharging via pneumatic transport)

VPT Vacuum Product Tanks are available in various sizes and materials, either in a mobile or stable design. The product is emptied from the VPT into the container without contact with the environment.

SCVT product line
Typ odstředivky
SCVT 630/320
SCVT 800/400
SCVT 1000/500
Basket diameter mm 630 800 1000
Basket height mm 320 400 500
Filter surfes of the basket m2 0,63 1,01 1,57
Useful volume l 51 103 200
Max. load kg 64 128 250
Max. revolution rpm 1900 1500 1200
Centrifugal acceleration x g 1271 1006 805
Drive power kW 7,5 11 22
Dimensions v x š x d mm 850 x 110 x 1350 1050 x 1300 x 1650 1250 x 1600 x 2100
Weight netto kg 650 1000


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