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Centrifuges types SCVB (bottom discharged peeler centrifuges) for chemical industry are made with high loads and performance requirements. SCVB are manufactured in variable design. Our centrifuges are made for corrosive environment

Centrifuges of the SCVB type for chemistry, ie bottom-centrifuge centrifuges, are manufactured with high load and performance requirements. The SCVBs are manufactured in a very variable design of its own centrifuge and its accessories. Our centrifuges are produced for corrosive products with the possibility of designing into an explosive environment for gases eg Ex II 2G IIC T4 or Ex II 2D IIIB powders.

Vertical gypsum peeler centrifuges SCVB can be installed in the gypsum production lines originating from flue gas desulphurization (ENERGOGYPSUM) as well as lines for neutralization of sulfuric acid (CHEMOGYPSUM).

SULTRADE gypsum centrifuges are available in both rubberized and stainless steel versions, ranging from a basket diameter of 800 mm to a 1800 mm.

Our gypsum centrifuges are completely automatic with the connection to client´s control system with the ability to fully share and access operational status information in real time. The centrifuge can be supplied without an individual control system, being fully controlled by client´s system.
Our centrifuges can be supplied with all necessary accessories, including installation and installation work at the site (turnkey delivery)

Variable design of centrifuge and its accessories can be:

  • stator with fully removable lid
  • stator with partly removable lid (manhole)
  • main electric motor up or down position
  • movable elements controlled pneumatically or hydraulically, hydraulic unit
  • equipment for liquid (sifon, hydrocyclon, pumps, flowmeters, armatures, hoses, compensatores…)
  • equipment for product (product cone, barrels, trays, armatures)
Material of centrifuges and accessories

  • stainless steel 1.4571
  • duplex steel 1.4462
  • special alloy 2.4602 (Hastelloy C-22)
  • hallar coating (E-CTFE)
  • rubber coating
Producl line SCVB for chemical industry
Centrifuge type
SCVB 800/500
SCVB 1000/630
SCVB 1250/800
SCVB 1250/1000
Diameter of basketmm800100012501250
Height of basketmm5006308001000
Opening diameter of basketmm560700875875
Filter surfacem21,261,983,143,93
Useful volumel128252501626
Max. loadkg(160; 223)(315; 438)(626; 872)(782; 1089)”
Max. revolutionrpm16001280975975
Centrifugal accelerationx g1145916664664
Drive powerkW(11; 15)(30; 55)max. 90max. 110
External dimensions H x W x Lm1400 x 1500 x 19001750 x 1800 x 23001800 x 2000 x 27002000 x 2000 x 2700
Weight without loadkg2450400066007000
Centrifuge type
SCVB 1600/1000
SCVB 1600/1250
SCVB 1800/1250
SCVB 1800/1400
Diameter of basketmm1600160018001800
Height of basketmm1000125012501400
Opening diameter of basketmm1120112012601260
Filter surfacem25,036,287,077,92
Useful volumel1025128216221817
Max. loadkg(1282; 1784)(1600; 2230)(2000; 2820)(2270; 3160)
Max. revolutionrpm800800750750
Centrifugal accelerationx g572572566566
Drive powerkWmax. 160max. 160(132; 200)(160; 200)
External dimensions H x W x Lm2450 x 2350x 32252700 x 2350 x 32252750 x 2550 x 36002900 x 2550 x 2900
Weight without loadkg11050116501595016300


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