Precision Tower Internals for Optimal Distillation Efficiency

Liquid distribution is one of the most important functions in distillation columns with structured packings. The high separation efficiency of structured packings can only be achieved with precision engineered liquid distributors.  We supply wide range of distributors e.g. Channel type, VEP type, Pipe type distributors.

Various types of tower internals for distillation columns

Uniform fluid distribution is critical to ensure good separation performance from a rectification/absorption column containing structured/random packings, especially for large internal diameter columns.

Liquid collectors

The collector is used as a separate unit to accumulate liquids from packed sections within a column. This collector requires a ring channel welded to the column wall.
The pressure drop of this collector is negligible.

For multiple bed columns the collector combines a packing support grid with a vane collector. As a packing support, it can support the direct load of packings with surface areas up to 350 m2/m3. For finer packings, additional drip plates are used.
This non-welded collector SLT is often used in applications where space between packed beds is critical. This collector requires a sup-port ring inside the column.

The Chimney tray collector is an established and versatile accumulator tray design, available either as bolted or sealwelded construction. It is gene-rally used in large diameter columns with high liquid loads. Whether you need a total draw-off, a flash tray, a gas distribution device, or a unique chimney configuration, the collector SK can be custom designed to meet your specific application needs.

Support grids

Support grids are used with structured or random packings. They require support rings or other attachments to be welded to the column wall.

TE and TS type are suitable for structured packings with surface area over 350 m2/m3 packing volume. They are designed with drip plates to prevent premature flooding of the packing.
These support grids rest on support rings or gussets welded to the column shell. For columns over 3 m ID, additional supports and major beams may be required.

Multi Beam support type are used with random packings and serve as gas injection trays to distribute the gas to bottom layers of the packing.

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