Random packing

Random packing has been used for absorption and stripping in gas plants, refineries and chemical plants for many years and its benefits are well known. Loose fill has long been used as the best option in, for example, high liquid load and high pressure applications as it provides better distillation efficiency or absorption efficiency and lower pressure drop.
We can supply wide range of random packing e.g. Pall-Ring, Raschig-Ring, Nutter-Ring, IMPT-Ring, C-Ring, saddles and allows flexibility in material design in accordance with your requirements (SS, CS, Ni and Al alloys, plastic, ceramic and more).

Ceramic and plastic random packing

Plastic random packing are mainly used in corrosive environments for mild to medium temperature applications for high-temperature processes ceramic random packing are suitable. Compared to stainless steel, they can provide a particular economic benefit in the form of longer service life. Our portfolio includes a wide range of plastic fillers in various geometric shapes and sizes

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